Masterful Work "Integrative Massage Therapy’s ability to listen and follow through on customer's needs and ability to create a variety of treatments tailor-made with acute sensitivity makes an outstanding practice. I felt results for days after treatment."— B.B.

Integrative Massage | 30 min $45, 45 min $60, 60 min $75, 75 min $88, or 90 min session $100

This massage service combines deep tissue and Swedish massage, techniques to increase range of motion, and myofascial techniques to target specific need(s), such as reducing tension, providing relief from daily stressors, and promoting harmony in the body and mind.

Prenatal Massage | 75 min session $88

This massage focuses on the special needs of an expectant mother by using a safe and effective side-lying technique preferred by most medical professionals. Enjoy a relaxing massage that stimulates tissue elasticity, prevents stretch marks, prepares your body for labor, and reduces common discomforts of pregnancy.

Hot Stone Massage | 75 min $110, 90 min $120

Naturally shaped basalt stones are heated and then placed in specific areas on the body, relaxing muscles and increasing the blood flow. Warm stones are then massaged into the connective tissue and muscles, soothing them and enhancing the healing process.

Oncology Massage | 50 min $80, 80 min $105

This massage is a comprehensive and gentle adaptation of existing massage therapy techniques required to safely work with complications of cancer, its side effects, medications, and surgeries. Primary considerations include but are not limited to positioning, compromised lymph nodes, organ involvement, and bone integrity. Available for people in active treatment, recent to recovery, or even decades after treatment is complete.

Lymphatic Drainage | 60 min $75, 75 min $88

Lymphatic massage is a technique initially developed in Germany for treatment of lymphedema, or for many accumulations of fluid (swelling) that can occur when immunity is low. An exceptionally gentle massage that recharges the lymphatic system to detox by working slowly and rhythmically to accelerate lymph transport and the decongestion of vascular tissue. Also recommended for cancer patients.(note: contraindicated for DVTs, cardiac insufficiency, and first pregnancy month)

Ashiatsu | 75 min $105, 90 min $115

Ashiatsu is aluxurious, deep-tissue massage. The massage therapist partially stands on the client, holding on to parallel ceiling bars for balance and uses body weight and bare feet to perform slow, smooth, gliding movements of varying pressure along the body. Known to assist proper posture and movement while relieving pain, improving bodily functions, and creating a state of well being, the modality has been performed by Buddhist monks for centuries as a process for healing “chi.” It is excellent for chronic back pain, shortened hamstrings, neck issues, etc.

The Feldenkrais Method| 90 min session to include consult $130

The Feldenkrais Method (clothed modality on a low table) is a reeducation in the way your body moves, discovering and challenging habitual patterns and attitudes in order to improve posture, mobility, coordination, and greater flexibility. A single session will support communication between your brain, muscles and skeletal configuration; multiple sessions can be transformative in the way you move and feel about your body.



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